Web Archive Tools

The Web Archive Tools provide you an interface to retrieve lists of available snapshots of web pages in the Internet Archive's web archive. The tool consists of two modules: The first retrieves links to all available snapshots for an URL within the web archive and provides you with some basic filtering options such as the removal of revisits or redirects. The second module is similar, but tailored towards creating a sample from the available available resources.

With the Web Archive Availabilities module you can retrieve the list of all available archival snapshots for a given URL and potentially its subpages. By default subpages of a domain are included. Uncheck the box "Include Subpages" to retrieve only exact matches. In addition you can filter redirects and revisits from the results. Revisits are indicators that a page has been crawled again, but did not change. By entering a start date and/or end date you can limit the scope of your search.